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Gravity Concept: An SUV is Also in the Works at Lucid Motors

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  9/11/2020
Gravity Concept: An SUV is Also in the Works at Lucid Motors Gravity Concept: An SUV is Also in the Works at Lucid Motors

Earlier this week we reported on the presentation of the Lucid Air, a very promising electric sedan unveiled by Lucid Motors. But that's not all the company had to show the public, because during that presentation, we also got a glimpse of what's to come next.

Unsurprisingly, model number two from the startup is an SUV. Adopting the name Gravity, it represents the next major project of this company dedicated to electric mobility.

The images we’ve gotten aren’t all that clear, but we do get several shots that give a general idea of the overall design of the vehicle. Thus we know it gets a two-tone exterior treatment and that the lighter colour found on the roof is also used on the door sills, on a piece of trim at the rear and possibly on the spokes of the wheels.

The door handles integrated into the body and the very thin headlights and lights add to the clean lines of the design. In a rather unique touch, the prototype is also equipped with a storage compartment on the roof. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the concept is shown in a more revealing light to be sure, but what Lucid has shown here is definitely interesting.

Lucid Motors CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson confirmed that the Air sedan platform will be used as the basis for the SUV, and that production is scheduled to begin in early 2023. Performance-wise, the same features should be expected, with 1080 hp produced from a dual-electric-motor structure. The maximum range, estimated at 832 km with the sedan, could be a little less with the SUV, but it’s still significant. The battery size is 113 kWh and the battery's 900-volt architecture allows for exceptionally fast charge times. How fast? Some 500 km of range can be recovered in 20 minutes with a charger offering a capacity of 350 kW.

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