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Kia Tells More About Its New Sorento Plug-In Hybrid

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  8/28/2020
Kia Tells More About Its New Sorento Plug-In Hybrid Kia Tells More About Its New Sorento Plug-In Hybrid

Earlier this year, Kia revealed some early information about the plug-in version of its Sorento SUV. This week, the company told us more - but the question of whether it will be available in North America remains unanswered.

Mechanically, the Sorento PHEV will be powered by a 1.6L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and a single electric motor to complete what will be a front-wheel-drive configuration. In total, the Sorento PHEV will generate 261 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. The 1.6L engine takes advantage of Hyundai's new CVVD (Continuously Variable Valve Duration) technology to increase efficiency and power.

The electric motor is new and improved for this model. It benefits from a new two-step process to reduce noise and vibration levels. A 6-speed automatic transmission manages power.

Kia has equipped the plug-in Sorento with a 13.8-kWh lithium-ion battery. Range estimates are not yet available, but Kia says it "will be sufficient to allow drivers to complete most short trips in electric-only mode”. We’re thinking it will be around 40 km.

Kia is also introducing new battery technology with this model. The Sorento PHEV will be the first Kia vehicle to use an independent battery water cooling system. The company says the system ensures optimal heat management and battery pack efficiency. The good news is that there is virtually no loss of cargo space with this variant compared to a regular version; loss has been limited to about 4 litres.

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