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Comparison: 2019 Honda Accord vs 2019 Toyota Camry

Author: Benoit-CharettePublished:  10/18/2019
Comparison: 2019 Honda Accord vs 2019 Toyota Camry Comparison: 2019 Honda Accord vs 2019 Toyota Camry

Auto123 compares the 2019 Honda Accord and 2019 Toyota Camry, two legends of the genre that have never been better, in a segment that has seen better days.

Before SUVs came to dominate the automotive landscape, it was the Accord and Camry that drove the then-lucrative sedan market in North America. Symbols of reliability and excellent resale value, they dominated the market and brought generous profits to both companies. Both were renewed in 2018, they both undeniably still have much to offer, but both their stars shine a little less brightly in the sky. So which of these two sedans is the best deal?

2019 Honda Accord

Honda, which has the reputation of advancing slowly in making its models evolve, has changed its tune with its latest edition of the Accord, which benefits from styling that dares depart from tradition and from two new turbo engines.

The Accord comes out of the box with a 1.5L turbo engine developing 192 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. Replacing the V6 is another 4-cylinder (a 2.0L turbo) that offers 252 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. In either case, you have a 6-speed manual gearbox to start with. The 1.5L engine comes with an optional CVT unit while the 2.0L turbo offers an optional 10-speed automatic transmission.

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toyota Rav 4 63fc04da7816f7e5fa3e037a
toyota Rav 4 2019
2019 · Rav 4
75,985 km
La Prairie · Quebec · 14 km
toyota RAV4 63fc04da7816f7e5fa3e5821
toyota RAV4 2019
2019 · RAV4
29,500 km
Laval · Quebec · 17 km
toyota Corolla 6426d5287816f7e5fa3ef5f8
No image
2019 · Corolla
38,000 km
Montreal · Quebec · 6 km
honda Pilot 642827137816f7e5fa3efd72
honda Pilot 2019
2019 · Pilot
34,808 km
Montreal · Quebec · 9 km
toyota RAV4 63fc04da7816f7e5fa3e508f
toyota RAV4 2019
2019 · RAV4
47,000 km
Montreal · Quebec · 8 km
toyota Mirai 631b3485b21ee4ef233ff995
toyota Mirai 2019
2019 · Mirai
626 km
Montreal · Quebec · 8 km

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