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Nokian Tyres Launches New One All-Season Tire

Published:  1/18/2021
Nokian Tyres Launches New One All-Season Tire Nokian Tyres Launches New One All-Season Tire

Well-established in the global winter tire market, including in Canada (and especially in Quebec), Finnish tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres has set itself the mission of further solidifying its presence in North America in all tire segments. As we reported last fall, the Scandinavian company recently opened a new state-of-the-art plant in Dayton, Tennessee, where it has begun production of the Nokian One HT light truck and SUV tire.

This time, the same manufacturer made the announcement that it will soon launch the Nokian One all Season TIRE for cars, SUVs and light trucks. This all-season tire is specifically designed for the needs of North American motorists – though take note that is not certified for winter use in Quebec. The newest tire from the manufacturer will also be produced in Dayton, as well as in Nokian plants in Russia and Finland.

The Nokian tire is distinguished by a symmetrical non-directional tread the main features of which include a central rib with wear indicators, zigzag sipes - many of those with no inward opening, to maintain stability - ribs at the bottom of the main grooves for better grip in snow or mud and other tread patterns designed to prevent hydroplaning.

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According to Steve Bourassa, the Canadian product manager for Nokian in North America, these latest revisions will ensure a significant improvement in comparison with the brand's older tires in terms of braking and wet handling.

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