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A BMW M5 CS Making 627 HP Coming for 2022

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  1/27/2021
A BMW M5 CS Making 627 HP Coming for 2022 A BMW M5 CS Making 627 HP Coming for 2022

BMW will offer a CS variant of its M5 sedan for the 2022 model-year. The limited-run variant will benefit from significant changes compared to the other versions of the model and deliver an astounding output of 627 horsepower.

Collectors are already salivating. Performance enthusiasts too. The model, which will only be offered for the one model-year, is sure to be seen as an investment.

The version will be offered only in selected markets, including North America, Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

And what's so special about this CS version, apart from its extra power? First of all, it loses 230 lb (104.3 kg) in the process, which is huge. To get to the new weight level, the hood, front diffuser, mirror housings, diffuser and rear spoiler are made of carbon-fibre. Inside, the front seats are also made of carbon-fibre and there are two bucket seats in the rear instead of a three-person bench. The centre console does not include additional storage. Also, the amount of insulation material has been reduced to bring weight down even more.

Forged 20-inch wheels are standard, as are carbon-ceramic brakes. The chassis has been modified with adaptive spring adjustment and shock absorbers.

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