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VW Aims for Near-Full Autonomy With its ID. Buzz by 2025

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  3/1/2021
VW Aims for Near-Full Autonomy With its ID. Buzz by 2025 VW Aims for Near-Full Autonomy With its ID. Buzz by 2025

Volkswagen, as we know, is making a big electric shift this year with the debut of its ID-badged models, namely the ID.3 in Europe and the ID.4 in Europe, China and here in North America. These will be followed by other models, including the ID. Buzz van, a modern descendent of VW’s Type 2 bus of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Since it debuted as a prototype, the ID. Buzz has created a quite a buzz, not least because of its absolutely irresistible styling. It was anticipated to be ready for 2022, but now looks set to launch commercially in 2023. We could vary well see it make an appearance during the next World Cup, set for Qatar in 2022. It would be used there to transport fans to and from events on predetermined routes. That’s worth pointing out, because it will run autonomously - if everything goes as planned of course.

Volkswagen made the announcement of its plan regarding this vehicle late last week. The company says it wants to deliver a version with Level 4 autonomous-drive capabilities for commercial use as early as 2025. Level 4 capability means that a vehicle does not need a driver, but must travel on a set route within predefined geographic areas. In other words, an itinerary and a road layout that the vehicle's computer knows and recognizes.

The automaker explained that it is currently conducting tests in Germany using technology developed by Argo AI, a startup company in which Volkswagen and Ford have both invested. It is that firm’s technology that will be deployed in the ID. Buzz in 2025.

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