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Profession: Truck Driver... at 88!

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  5/10/2021
Profession: Truck Driver... at 88! Profession: Truck Driver... at 88!

For many, retirement is a life goal. May strive to attain that goal at 55, though the more realistic target is most often 60 or 65.

For Dave Sheets, the word “retirement” is kind of meaningless, because he never felt the slightest desire to retire. He's still working, despite being 88 years old, and despite not having what you’d consider a physically “easy” job. Dave Sheets is a truck driver.

Sheets has worked for his current employer, Savannah Transport based in Salt Lake City, Utah, for 25 years. His boss, Terry Crawford, describes him as “a great old-school trucker. He's able to do more than most of my younger drivers.” Sheets delivers general cargo and even hazardous materials in the western and midwestern states. He doesn't go to the coasts, but explains that he “handles a pretty big territory and is always busy”.

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Last week, Dave Sheets and his Peterbilt were in North Dakota where they were checked as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's annual three-day International Roadcheck blitz, which took place across the United States. The North Dakota Highway Patrol officers who conducted the check found it worth marking and posted a notice on its Twitter feed:

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