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Production of the Lucid Air EV Is Underway

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  9/30/2021
Production of the Lucid Air EV Is Underway Production of the Lucid Air EV Is Underway

Production of the Air model by Lucid Motors started this week, and many eyes are peeled to see how the startup automaker’s entry into the EV market goes.

For the occasion, a number of VIPs were on hand to celebrate the start of production, from future vehicle owners with reservations to company dignitaries to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

Lucid Motors' Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP-1) facility does more than just assemble the cars themselves. A neighboring plant, Lucid Powertrain Manufacturing (LPM-1), also assembles major powertrain components, such as electric motors, electronics and battery packs. The plant produces the battery pack (from cells), the motor assembly, the differential and inverter, and the "Wunderbox" bi-directional charger that handles fast charging of 19.2 kW in AC and more than 300 kW in DC.

A Lucid representative told Car and Driver magazine that complete control of the powertrain design and manufacturing is one of the reasons the Dream Edition launch version can produce up to 1111 hp and offer an EPA-certified range of 520 miles (about 837 km).

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