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A Trio of Recalls from Audi and Volkswagen

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  4/19/2022
A Trio of Recalls from Audi and Volkswagen A Trio of Recalls from Audi and Volkswagen

Most often, when we talk about a recall, it concerns one company, one or a few models and a specific problem.

Here’s an exception to that rule, as Volkswagen and Audi have announced a trio of campaigns involving three models to address different issues, including one that affects transmission oil fill levels in the Audi R8. That problem can lead to overheating and possibly a fire if not corrected.

In fact, the two manufacturers are combining three recalls into one.

Transmission oil
The most serious, but the one that affects the smallest number of units, concerns the R8. In total, 10 models are affected, including two in Canada. Audi says the vehicles were assembled with transmissions that were not properly filled with oil prior to shipping. If these units pass delivery inspection without being filled with oil, customers could experience driving problems, premature clutch wear and, during more intensive vehicle use (track sessions or other heat-generating activities), the transmissions could leak oily foam from their vents, which could cause a fire.

Dealers will ask customers to have their R8 examined and possibly repaired if it shows signs of damage or accelerated wear. Repairs can range from adding gear oil to replacing components if dealers deem it necessary.

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