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Ford Recalls 1,175 2022 Mach-E EVs

Author: Daniel-RufiangePublished:  9/9/2022
Ford Recalls 1,175 2022 Mach-E EVs Ford Recalls 1,175 2022 Mach-E EVs

Ford is once again facing a recall regarding its all-electric Mach-E model. This time, the campaign affects a limited number of 2022 units. It is necessary because of a potential defect related to the rear axle.

On the affected units, an incorrect positioning in the lathe during the first turning operation at a supplier resulted in a substandard wall thickness on the right rear half shaft.

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According to Ford, the error occurred, and let's hope it doesn't become an industry-wide reality, because of a labour shortage. Specifically, the supplier had suspended its usual inspection of the bottom wall thickness of each half-shaft, simply because it was short on manpower. This resulted in non-compliant shafts being sent to another supplier that deals directly with Ford.

In late July, workers at the Cuautitlan assembly plant in Mexico, that builds the Mach-E, discovered the problem on two units, leading Ford's internal engineering teams to investigate and issue a recall.

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